Students Who Play Multiple Sports

Junior, Josh Leininger rolls out of the pocket to get his pass off during the Week 2 win over Millersburg.

Kolby Geesey, Staffer

Sports are very popular activities at many schools all over the United States. There are nearly 8 million high school athletes in the United States. The National Federation of State High School Associations says that about 43 percent of high school athletes play multiple sports. Playing multiple sports can teach an athlete many different things and also help make kids healthier. Abbie Brown, volleyball and basketball player, says, “Sports can keep you active and aid in keeping you healthy. Sports really help teach athletes communication skills, mental strength, focus, and determination.”  However, playing sports is not always just fun and working on your sports is a struggle for many student athletes.

Student athletes have to learn and remember not only their schoolwork, but they also have to learn and remember the plays in their sports. If a student plays football and basketball for example, they have to make sure they do good in school and they would then have to remember all of the plays in both of those sports. They have to make sure they are passing every class so they are eligible to play.  Multi-sport athletes also have to eat right so they can properly take care of their bodies. 

Josh Leininger, baseball, football, and basketball player says, “Playing multiple sports takes away a lot of free time and time away from your family. Going to all of the practices and workouts while going to school wears down on an athlete, especially when you play multiple sports.” Kaden Lengle, a 3 sport athlete that plays baseball, basketball, and soccer says, “Playing 3 sports, you have no off-season. You have to constantly work on a sport and keep your body in good condition. It is hard to keep my body healthy without a break, but it is worth it.” This shows how hard it is on the body of a multi-sport athlete. There are pro’s and con’s of being a multi-sport athlete and it can be difficult for students to play the sports they love.