Alumni Spotlight: Donald Legarht

Donald Legarht on graduation day at Lock Haven University.

Logan Zimmerman, Staffer

Donald Legarht is a 2015 alumnus of the Pine Grove Area High School.  While he was in high school, he was part of the JROTC program. “I chose the Army in high school but then in my junior year in college, I chose the National Guard.”  “I chose the National Guard because I wanted to stay in Pennsylvania and I wanted to have a civilian job while still being able to serve my country.”

It is a rare occurrence that someone joins the National Guard.  It isn’t everyday that you know someone who has joined the military to serve for our country. “My aunt was in the National Guard and my great-grandfather was in the Army Air Corps. They inspired me and I wanted to serve because of them…The National Guard only deploys, they don’t get stationed anywhere. As far as deployment goes, they are only deployed in the Middle East right now.”

Legarht  had to work hard or the National Guard would not have accepted him. “I had to do 4 years of college at Lock Haven with labs every week and in my senior year full day labs once a month.  One month field training in Fort Knox, Kentucky to commision. While I was there we had a tornado warning. And finally I had a four month training in Fort Lee, Virginia to be a certified transport officer.”