Basketball Fever

Colin Ibarra touching his toes to prepare for open gym.

Kolby Geesey, Staffer

With Fall sports coming to an end, there is a new sports season rolling around. Winter sports are coming soon and the excitement for the new basketball season is surreal. Basketball season packs the gym with fans and gets students excited to go to the games. The upcoming basketball season for the Cardinals has brought in an extraordinary amount of young athletes. 27 to 30 students from all grades have signed up to play basketball this season, which is the most athletes, Head Coach Frank D’Agostino, has had on the roster in his career. All year some student athletes look forward to basketball season and work on their game. 

The 2019-2020 basketball open gyms have started and have been promising so far. Most of the athletes that have signed up for basketball have been showing up to open gym and working hard. The freshman and other students who haven’t played before are getting a chance to learn some of the drills before the season starts. Josh Leininger, a junior said, “This is a good thing because when the season starts they won’t have to sit out of drills or mess them up. The only downside to having these numbers is that it can be hard to do certain things and make sure every kid is participating instead of just sitting on the side and watching.” The Cardinals are excited for the upcoming season and have pretty high expectations.

Shea Morgan, junior said, “I think that if we all come together as a family and we have confidence in each other, we can be successful. We all need to have a good work ethic and just make sure we all trust each other. Also if we play our hearts out every game, we will have a good chance to have a very good season in terms of winning and hopefully making a district run.” so far this goal for the Cardinals seems like it can be reached. The Cardinals made a District run last season and want to prove that they are a real threat in the League. Senior, Kaden Lengle said, “ I am hoping that my last season will be great. I think we can make a district run and hopefully just have an all around great season as a team.”