2018 Fall Ball

Meghan Sarge and Hannah Reiter

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All Pine Grove High School students are always anxiously awaiting the annual Semi Formal Dance. Student Council puts in many hours each day for over a month, preparing for the dance. With two new advisors, Monica Breiner and Megan Bux, the members were excited to see what ideas would be sparked during meetings this year for the theme. After lots of discussion, they decided on a fall theme. Once the theme was decided, the members began working on making decorations, placing orders, and putting all their ideas into this event.

After a month of hardwork from the dedicated student council members, ranging from staying after school for a few hours to working at home and in their free time on decorations, they were finally ready to set up. Spending half of the Thursday before the dance and all of Friday, the day before the dance, they set up everything. All their hard work was finally paying off. When everything was set up, they were in awe. “I felt very accomplished since we had a short amount of time to do everything, but I was so proud of how Student Council pulled everything together,” says Gabrielle Brown, Student Council President.  

This year’s Semi consisted of many things and was as spectacular as usual. It included many delicious treats, beautiful decorations and up-beat music. The music that was played was easy to dance to and it had a lot of songs that the students knew, so it was easy to sing along to. Miss West, a departed English teacher at Pine Grove, made a sudden appearance back at Pine Grove and her former students enjoyed every minute of it. Mr. Wessner, who teaches a wide variety of social studies classes at Pine Grove, brought his daughter with to the dance and the students enjoyed dancing up the night with her. “The whole dance was super fun. Abigail Brown and I enjoyed dancing with Mr. Wessner’s daughter to make her included in the high school dance atmosphere,” says Autumn Behrent, Student Council member.

Semi overall was a successful night and had a huge outcome. The atmosphere in which you were in included everything you could want at a dance. The beautiful scenery, the lights, the decorations, the food, the music, everything. The students always included other students so no person was lonely. Even if you went by yourself, you had someone that dragged you into the dance floor and you had a great time.