Fantasy Football: How it’s Structured

Brodie Lyons, Staffer

One day you wake up and your friends say, “You want to play fantasy football?” You go to your friends and say, “Let’s get the stars of the NFL.” That’s when you start your 12 week regular season and playoff games to see who’s the champion. Here is how to make your fantasy league. First pick the provider. There is ESPN Fantasy, NFL Fantasy, Yahoo Fantasy, FanDuel, CBS Sports, and Draft Kingz. Then hit the make league button.  After that, hit the add members until you have as many as needed. Then put the date for the league draft. When the person drafts, make sure the person has: 2 QBs,4 RBs, 4 WR’s, 2 TEs, and 2 D/ST, and a kicker. The person needs a 15 person team. 

The way the person wins is by having more points than the other person. Points are calculated by the players’ stat line during that specific week games. For example, Lamar Jackson throws a pass for 25 yards. He earns 1 point for each 25 yards he passes for. If he throws a touchdown he gets 6 more points. If he throws a touchdown of 40 or more yards, he gets 2 bonus points. For example, if Amari Cooper had 11 receptions and 145 receiving yards,and 2 TDs, he would have 41 points. You get 2 points per 10 receiving yards and 6 points per touchdown. If Alvin Kamara would have 21 carries and 136 yards rushing with 1TD, he would have 33.2 points. The way he gets points as the same as a receiver, except he is running the ball. If Cooper or Kamara would have caught/ran the ball for a 40 yard or more TD, they get 2 extra points. Defense is different. If the Patriots defense gets 5 sacks, 2INT’s, 1 FR for a score, they would have 17 points. Every sack is 1 point, every INT and fumble recovery  is 2 points. When you get a defensive or special teams score, it is 3 points. Kicking is different. If Harrison Butker goes 3/3 kicking with making a 52, 36, and 60 yard field goal, he would have 13 points. Each kick less than 39 yards is 3 points. Each kick that is between 40-49 yards is 4 points, and if you kick it 50 or more yards you get 5 points. 

The way you would win the league is if you qualify for playoffs. Depending on if you qualify you could have won 2 playoff games to win the championship. Do want you do to win that crown.