Made In PGA

The outside of Made In PGA.

Meghan Sarge, Social Media Editor

Made In PGA, an art center and store, is the brainchild of Skip and Heather Butler. When the space became available, it was turned into a store before it became an art center. Made In PGA is a non-profit store created to help local artisans, crafters, and others who create and do things while providing the Pine Grove Community with a fun little place to stop, right in the heart and center of town. Made In PGA offers many classes and workshops, such as painting, ballroom dancing, yoga, crafts, diy items, essential oils and more. The classes change monthly, depending on the vendor availability. The Collective Arts League is the nonprofit group in charge of the store, consists of several community leaders in addition to Skip and Heather. Some of those community members are Louise Miller of the Pine Grove Theatre, Ken and Suzanne Dubbs, Angela Williams of Captivating Dezigns, and Sara Barra.

As an artist, Heather feels as running the store gives her an opportunity to be in an environment filled with other artists wanting to aspire their dreams like her. She is in an environment where she is filled with inspiring things on a daily basis. She spends her down time to work on art, help the vendors they currently have work on the store, or working on coming up for new ideas on what the community may want to see. Made In PGA also offers an escape room called the “The Art of Escape.” This is Schuylkill County’s first escape room. You have 60 minutes to figure out the clues and see if you can make it out on time. Room number 1 is called “The Reporter.” There is a mysterious case happening in this small town. Help reporter Rich Richter solve the case!