How Pennsylvania is Better Than West Virginia


Tara Mease

West Virginia Countryside

Tara Mease, Staffer

This Thanksgiving break, I visited West Virginia to go hunting. In my opinion, what West Virginia lacks, Pennsylvania has. Pennsylvania and West Virginia both have similar landscapes, but I believe Pennsylvania has better features. The landscape features of the states are not the only thing that make the two states different, but the culture that they have as well. The way that people live in both of the states might be very similar, but they have their differences. I believe Pennsylvania is a better state than West Virginia.

West Virginia and Pennsylvania are both known for having the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains. In my opinion, the mountains add to the beauty of the state. In West Virginia, the mountains add character to the plain fields, but they also cause bad cellular reception. I favor good cellular reception, so this was a turn-off for me. Pennsylvania might not have such an abundance of mountains such as West Virginia, but it still adds a character to the state that I prefer.

        West Virginia and Pennsylvania share almost the same culture. However,-I believe West Virginia has a higher chance of getting into a deer-caused car accident. Yes, even though both states are known for having a large population of deer, West Virginia definitely has a higher risk of car accidents involving deer. The deer in West Virginia are everywhere, sometimes they’re right next to the road and won’t move. They’re also not scared of vehicles or people. In Pennsylvania, the deer are usually further away from the road. West Virginia might be a better place to go hunting for deer than Pennsylvania, but you also have a higher chance of hitting one while driving, which I do not enjoy in any way

         West Virginia and Pennsylvania are alike and different in many ways, but Pennsylvania has better conditions than West Virginia. For example, Pennsylvania has better cellular reception and safety than West Virginia. However, West Virginia has a better landscape than Pennsylvania. Overall, I prefer my home state, Pennsylvania.