Battle of the Brains


Rebecca Weidenheimer

Some of the team members practicing for the competition on Monday.

Rebecca Weidenheimer, Staffer

The Pine Grove Area Quiz Bowl team has an upcoming competition versus Gillingham Charter School and Schuylkill Valley at Gillingham. The members will be faced with trivia questions from varying subjects including science, history, literature, and others in this tournament style competition.

“ I feel like we are generally ready but I believe that  we could always use the practice,” said Junior Varsity Quiz Bowl team member Isabella Moyer. The Pine Grove Area Quiz Bowl were both league and county Champions last year so their goal for this year is to keep the title of Champion.

“ We have a target on our backs… due to the championships we won last year… We have a reason to stay on top of our game” Isabella Moyer speaking about the history of the Quiz Bowl team. “ I believe that the varsity team is ready for the competition.  Everyone works really hard to prepare,” said Jade Shollenberger a sophomore in the Varsity Quiz Bowl team.

“We’ve gone 4-0 this year… the team is definitely prepared for this competition” said Gerald Salen, adviser and mathematics teacher. The team has had two meets so far this year and in both the Quiz bowl team had come out on top.

The team has only a week to prepare for this competition.  This particular competition may not be a title match but it will be perfect practice as the team strives to become champions again this year.