Christmas Village: History

Tara Mease, Staffer

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Christmas Village: History  Every year starting on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Village starts their tradition of letting people come see their many lights. Every year they have a new theme or new lights added to their village. People come from far and wide to experience the magic that can be found at Christmas Village.

Christmas is located in Bernville, PA on Christmas Village Road.The owner, William M. Koziar began Christmas Village in 1948 with his wife, Grace and their four kids. He originally called it the “Christmas House” but after he started decorating his lake, trees, fences and other building he changed “Christmas House” to Christmas Village. He at first only decorating his property for the pleasure it bought to his family, but them later realize he wanted to share with it everyone else. This year they will be celebrating their 71st year. There are different sections throughout the Village showing different themes of Christmas. Everywhere you go you can hear Christmas music being played. The classic songs that we all grew up listening and all love. Their collection of lights are impressive from the amount of electricity they use a night, and all the time and effort put into it.

Christmas Village is not just about the lights, they also have inflatables. They also own their own mini train station with multiple tracks and trains all going at the same time. They have an outside track and an inside track. At Christmas Village, they serve plenty of opinions of food for you to choose from. From hot chocolate to soft pretzel. They’re open Thanksgiving thru January 1st. Their prices are 3 and under are free, 4-10 cost ten dollars, 11-64 cost twelve dollars and seniors (65+) cost eleven dollars.

Christmas Village might not be everyone’s tradition when it comes to Christmas, but it definitely something to see. The Koziar’s family made Christmas Village for everyone to enjoy and not just for themselves.TA