A Day of Work at BG’s

Brodie Lyons in his work attire.

Brodie Lyons, Staffer

“What do you do at the store?” “What do you do when you work at a grocery store?” Those are common questions I get from my family and friends on what I do at work. I work at a local grocery store in Pine Grove called BG’s where I make minimum wage and wear a maroon polo.  You have to be 15 to work there and 18 in the deli. Those are just the basics.

There are many tasks and different jobs within the store. When you first start out, you work in one. One is the first register. You stay in the register most of the time. When you first get there in the morning, you turn on the lights to the where the candy is. You then go and fill up the candy at the end of the registers. Than you check to see all the registers have the cleaning supplies and bags.You fill up the bags if you need to. Sometimes during the day, you might go over to the office, and get some customers tobacco. 

The second most common thing I do is the floor. When you are on the floor, you are either in two, three, or reserve. What that means is when you are needed on another register, they call you up. You are also stocking products. On certain days you might be doing freight. That is just stocking products that the companies just delivered. Other days you might do specials. That is what is on sale- you stock it. There is also canopy. You do canopy if you get done specials and freight. Canopy is getting the boxes from up top and putting the groceries on the shelf. If you get done all of that, then you do blocking. Blocking is moving all the stock to the front of the shelf and making it look nice. 

I usually do the floor or one. It is not a hard job. Once you get used to all the tendencies, it is easy. There might be the occasional person that is grouchy, but you have to keep your composure.  Because you’re the face of the store.