“The Christmas Chronicles” Movie Review

Hannah Reiter, Staffer

Every year, new Christmas movies are released to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. This year, a brand new movie hit Netflix and became extremely popular very quickly. “The Christmas Chronicles,” is a newly released holiday movie that features Kurt Russell, who plays Santa in the feature. In the movie, Santa’s sleigh crashes and two siblings are desperate to not only see him, but to help him as well. “The Christmas Chronicles” is overall a great movie due to the acting and the plot line.

Usually, I am not one to enjoy what many would call a “corny” movie. However, I thought that this movie was exceptionally well. It had a good plot line and I enjoyed the cast. I think everyone fit their roles very well and did a great job acting. The two children who find Santa and his sleigh end up trying to help save the night. However, they end up getting in quite some trouble, which all plays out to be a comical movie. In the end, it was a well-made movie and was good for a night when you don’t know what to watch.

The Christmas Chronicles” was a great movie that had a tremendous cast and storyline. While this movie was one that was pretty much a “classic,” it was very well played. Overall, I would give this movie five stars, rating it a 5/5.

Five out of five feathers.
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Five out of five feathers.