Watching the show Galavant you will also "Believe in Tad Cooper."

Elektra Mease, Staffer

  The show Galavant started in 2015. It consists of two seasons and has a total of 18 episodes. The show can be described as an “ABC musical”. The show itself was written by Dan Fogelman. The show got canceled on May 12, 2016 and no one really knows why. 

    Even though the show leaves you off with a cliffhanger, it is one of the best shows I have watched. It starts off as a fairytale but then it takes some changes that would never actually happen in a fairytale. Like for example, Galavant’s (the hero) girlfriend gets kidnapped by the King and when he tries to go and rescue her, she doesn’t want to go with him. She picks the “fame and glory” over true love.  After that, the show gets more twisted and even funnier than before. So if you’re a fairytale and comedy kind of person, then this is definitely a great show to watch. 

     Overall, the show is pretty good if you watch it. It’s short and leaves you on the edge. I think that they should really make a third season because we never know what happens in the end due to the cliffhanger it ends on. Maybe if we “believe in Tad Cooper” enough, there will be a third season.