No Valentine’s Day

Love. Its a good thing. Valentines Day? “Too much.”

Elektra Mease, Staffer

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is a holiday that couples celebrate for honestly no reason. First of all, no one really knows how Valentine’s Day really started. There are a lot of different stories about that day, but which one is really true? Somehow one of the stories leads to a day of “love.” 

 Now why should we even celebrate it? Some people don’t have anyone to celebrate it with. I’m not against love, I have someone too but what’s the point? On Valentine’s Day you give gifts to your significant other and prove you love them, but shouldn’t you do that regardless? Not through gifts, just like a simple “I love you” or a “you look beautiful” could make a girl’s day. You don’t have to buy them something to show you like them. 

Another possibility is that it could be a scheme for big companies to get people to buy their cards and gifts because it’s “how you show love”. They want people to waste their money for it when they can rather go do something better than that. I don’t see why this day is celebrated. It’s just another day in the calendar to celebrate for no reason.