The Beginning of The End

Second Semester is underway and that means we are half way done with the year.

Ariana Dockey, Staffer

The second semester always starts off slow and mostly stressful since midterms are going on and some students even have Keystones to take. As high school goes on, each year seems to go faster but when you think about it, sophomores only have four more semesters left. Although most of us here, at school, have our minds set on “Oh, we are almost juniors” or 

“This year is almost over”. Most of us just rush through the year and we don’t make as many memories because we just want to be done with the school year. 

Some of our class are student athletes, so we just wait for the time of the year when we play our sport or sports. In order to play sports, we need to keep good grades and that means doing what you need to so you can play. For most athletes, the second semester is all about making memories and having a good time. As a sophomore, this means we only have two seasons left, after this year, so we try to take in everything. Sometimes we realize that in only two short years, it will be our last season, and our last practice, and then our last game with the team that means everything to us. 

The second semester has its ups and downs, but in the end we need to think about how we view everything since we are soon done with high school. In a few months we will be juniors and then we will think, “Where did that time go where everything in school was easy?”