Lady Cardinals Basketball Defeat Lady Brandywine Bullets

Mikaili Donmoyer dribbling the ball down the court, attempting to keep the ball away from her opponents.

Hallie Wolfe, Staffer

“Knowing that we left our home court with a big win is sad but rewarding,” says Kailen Felty, “we played very strong offense. I’m really going to miss all the seniors.” The Lady Cardinals Basketball team faced the Brandywine Bullets on Wednesday, February 5th. The starters for the Lady Cardinals were: Alli Butler, Mikaili Donmoyer, Abbie Brown, Kailen Felty and Bailley Dorson. The first points were scored by Donmoyer on a layup, who then got fouled and made one of her two foul shots. Butler was then fouled and made both of her foul shots. The score was 6 to 4 with the Cardinals in the lead. Dorson then made a layup making the score 8 to 4, then the Lady Bullets called a time out. Kira Shollenberger then entered the game for the Lady Cardinals and made one foul shot, then Butler made two foul shots. The Lady Cardinals held their lead through the first quarter and it ended with a score of 13 to 9. The second quarter started off strong when Felty made a three pointer in the first few seconds. Butler followed by getting fouled and made her foul shots. The Cardinals then called for a time out and the score was 18 to 9. After the time out, both Donmoyer and Felty made three pointers, and Shollenberger also made a shot. The Bullets then called for a time out. Butler then made another foul shot, and the second quarter ended with a score of 33 to 11. 

The starters for the second half there Donmoyer, Butler, Dorson, Felty and Brown. The Lady Cardinals held their lead through the whole second half. The Cardinals did remarkably well in the third quarter, keeping their big lead. It ended with a score of 46 to 27. The Cardinals called for time out, and the score was 46 to 27. With a minute left in the game, the score was 46 to 33 and the Lady Bullets called for a time out. The Lady Cardinals ended up beating the Bullets with a score of 48 to 33. “I thought throughout the game they did well,” said Coach Burke. “Their offensive and defensive control was very strong and they kept their lead.” The Lady Cardinals came out on top over the Lady Bullets.