Emotion in Music: Galantis

Rebecca Weidenheimer, Staffer

Galantis is one of the first EDM bands I’ve ever listen to and they definitely left an impression on me. Galantis is the creation of artist Linus Eklöw, aka Style of Eye, and Christian Karlsson. As said before, Galantis is mainly a EDM group, but they still perform other genres like Electro house and dance-pop. They’re largely devoted to their fan base to which they call the Seafox Nation, based on a character they created in their album covers. Overall, I really enjoy their music.

Their music is unique and creative, it expresses emotion in way that make very little sense. The lyrics in their music will sometimes seem like rambling because of it having multiple themes at once, while other songs like “Water” have a complete story. My favorite songs by them are Firebird, Don’t Care, and Water. These are my favorites because they are exciting and they make you feel good about yourself. Their music has heavy emphasis on the instrumental and sound, much more than normal artists who focus on the lyrics and stories to tell. Galantis is a fairly new band, so they only have three albums. My favorite album is Pharmacy, it was released on June 8th, 2015. Their other albums are the Aviary, which came out September 15, 2017. The final album is the Galantis remix album, which they take popular songs and remix them.

Galantis is an absolutely amazing band. They have very calming and emotional music, I listen to there music everyday while doing homework. Galantis was the reason I got into EDM and they impacted what I listen to everyday.

Five out of five feathers.
Cardinal Chronicle
Five out of five feathers.