Nostalgic Places in Pine Grove

A view of the Pine Grove Theatre and the their sign showing their current movies in town.

Alyssa Zerbe, Features Editor

For most people, Pine Grove is just another small town within Schuylkill County. They might not take a second look passing through the whole mile of it all. But within each broken brick of sidewalk is a history often overlooked. 

A small town holds a certain charm big cities just don’t have. Modern day Pine Grove has plenty of small businesses, local restaurants, activities, etc. Pine Grove’s nostalgia is seen most within the buildings for me. In this instance the Pine Grove Theatre, comes to mind. 

The local Pine Grove Theatre has been there since I was little, living a few blocks away. The theater is a small but friendly, cheap place to spend time with others. They’ve hosted birthday parties, bridal showers, and even weddings. Memories of riding my bicycle, passing by the local theater floods my brain. Parties, watching the new Twilight movies, spending time with friends, are all memories that were created there. The very same memories are shared amongst people nearly a century ago when it was built in 1910. 

For as long as I can remember, the theater has been struggling to stay open. The new movies have always trotted behind the release dates of the bigger competitor theaters. Talk of them closing down has been up in the air for years. Their website even has a GoFundMe fundraiser to help keep them in business. This is extremely unfortunate for the people growing up in Pine Grove. The theater is one of the most nostalgic memories we all have. Much like our town, it’s not fancy. It’s not getting constant upgrades or refurbishments like other theaters. They even still use film, making it so unlike other theaters.

Buildings like the Pine Grove theater are what make a town. That nostalgia comes from the memories being made for years and years to come. As bigger cities seem to keep expanding and upgrading, small towns like Pine Grove are struggling to keep our childhood buildings and businesses alive.