Drill Team Takes Place in Competition

Rylee Hoffmann, Staffer

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The JROTC Drill Team placed second out of four teams during the Panther Valley Competition.  “Our school has always been one of the top schools within our League. With hard work, I think we can win this,”  said Brandon Yesenosky.

The Drill Team, consisting of roughly 16 students,  participate in competitions and try to continually better themselves. Nicholas Christensen, 4 year cadet and senior,  said, “Drill team holds its own kind of mindset. It’s a group of individuals doing their best individually but at the same time as a team. It’s odd to describe. Our team isn’t as good as we have been in previous years, but we’re getting there and we’re getting there pretty fast. We went in expecting to do well, and we did do pretty decent. We scored in the mid 300 range (which is pretty good) and we didn’t come out on top, but we came close. I did also win the Individual Drill Knockout Competition (a Last Man Standing Competition). Overall, the competition was a success for the team and a big step towards getting us ready for our league competition in late January.”   

The Drill Team did well in the competition. Pine Grove Area Drill Team is now getting ready for their next competition and also getting ready for their league competition.  “I’ve very pleased with the results. We have some things to work on. League competition is at the end of January,” Sgt. Bates.