Benefits of an Animal in a Learning Environment

Rebecca Weidenheimer, Staffer

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One of my favorite projects in school was the butterfly project in school watching as a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. The project exposed us to a natural world that we were very ignorant to at that young of an age. We live currently in a society that is heavily reliant on technology, especially in schools. Younger children sometimes will get attached to electronics, so placing an animal with in the classroom can help them want to interact more with nature. As a member of a larger family I see this every day while babysitting my niece and nephew, who often argue over their electronics. I’ve always love to see them interact with our pets at home, so I’ve figured that they may benefit from a having the option of that interaction at school. As a highschool student I’m exposed to stressful situations, my favorite moment when I get home is to interact with my cat, she means everything to me. So I am a firm believer in the fact that animals will reduce stress in teens and tweens.

According to, an organization that offers grants to teachers looking to place an animal in their classroom, talks about how animals benefit the classroom especially in younger children. They state that animals give lessons a physical presence in the room. What this means is that teachers will gain the ability to relate what their teaching  to their class pet.This would be extraordinary for younger children, it would impact the way they would think about subjects. Middle and High school students will benefit differently than younger students, most middle school students as well as highschool students will start being exposed to stressful situations. Animals are proven to reduce stress levels and help students relax.  I greatly believe that it would also create a sense of responsibility for both older and younger kids. It would also be worth to mention that animals could perhaps make children excited to come to school everyday.

Animals would be an amazing addition to most classrooms. They extend lessons in various subjects and they can help both teachers and older students de-stress. Class pets aren’t very common here at Pine Grove but the students here would most definitely benefit from having them around.