Rituals in Sports

Different rituals athletes do before every game.

Kolby Geesey, Staffer

In sports there are many different rituals and pre-game activities that many athletes participate in. They can vary from sport to sport but many of them are very similar. Many professional athletes have their own rituals and they can be normal or in some cases be very odd. They can range from different foods being eaten before a game to what they do during the day of a game. These rituals typically have little to no meaning but athletes just feel they must do them before they compete. Mikali Donmoyer, a basketball player says, “Before every game, I listen to a certain playlist that gets me in the zone and I always eat Peanut M&M’s. I have done this for a few years now and it is just a habit and I think it gives me good luck.”

Ayden Ney, a wrestler and football player says, “Before every wrestling match, I have made sure I do the same routine since 7th grade. I listen to jazz music the day of a match to make sure I stay calm and not lose my head. I always wear the same socks, undergarments and shoes for every single match. I eat a turkey pita wrap from BG’s before the match but not too close to my time to wrestle. Finally, I shave my face the day of every match. These are just something I do because I started when I was younger and just have always done them since.” Mitchell Lesh, a soccer player says, “I make sure I pray before the game starts. I also always do a tuck jump while walking onto the field. Finally, I go around to everyone and clap to get my teammates hyped up. I’ve always done these and do not have a real reason for it other than it just being a habit.”

Shea Morgan, has a certain ritual that he does before football games. “I always eat peanut butter and jelly the day of the game. I wear the same socks, tank top, and headband for every game despite having many choices. I write the same thing on my wrist tape every game and I write ‘All eyez on me’ and always read two bible verses. I always make sure I pray before we run out of the locker room. Right before the first play I make sure I sign the cross. I do these because I believe that God is always on my side watching down on me.” Megan Wolfe, a softball player says, “Before every inning, I make sure I eat a handful of Skittles. As a team, we have certain rituals such as handshakes… We do it just because it is a little superstition that it helps give us good luck.”