Eagle Scout: The Most Prestigious Honor

Nate Minnich’s two display cases filled with trophies.

Logan Zimmerman, Staffer

“It’s very important to me and has been my goal ever since starting scouting. I hope my projects can inspire other younger boys to become Eagle Scouts as well,” says Nathan Minnich, senior.  

Minnich has recently received the most coveted award in Boy Scouts- Eagle Scout. It is the highest rank that you can earn as a Boy Scout. To earn the rank of Eagle you must complete a service project where you either create or restore something in your community. You need to take pictures, record dates, and total cost for your project to be approved. There is a lot of work that goes into becoming an Eagle Scout and even getting the chance to build your Eagle project. You must complete your project before your eighteenth birthday. There are six ranks that you have to go through before you can even get the chance to build your project and many people don’t get the Eagle rank.

Minnich’s project was to replace the  two trophy cases at the middle school. He built the two cases from scratch out of oak wood.  Minnich, along with roughly 13 volunteers, worked a total of 325 hours. Lead by Minnich, the group worked at Steve Frantz’s shop and some nights Minnich would stay there until one o’clock or later working on his project. He had problems with the boards cupping and being warped. He was crunched on time as his birthday was on December 14th. Nonetheless, he completed both of them, got them sanded, stained, and varnished before his birthday.