Military Ball Setup

Cadet 2nd Lieutenant John Harig adjusting the state flags after underclassmen cadets set them out for display.

Damion Williams, Staffer

For every other student, March is a relaxing month, the school year is over halfway through, and it’s nearing the final stretch, they don’t have big tests to worry about, everything is great. However, for JROTC cadets, it’s time to get moving. The year is still packed full of events, and it has been since January. They jump from their big inspection from Bucknell, to one of their most favorited events, Military Ball.

Military Ball is easily one of the largest projects the Pine Grove JROTC does. Starting in the early stages of the year, the project officer Cadet Captain Isabella Moyer began planning the whole event. 

“It took a long planning process and a lot of behind the scenes work that most cadets don’t see, but I think the planning went well with the help of Colonel and Sergeant,” says Moyer.  

All of her ideas and the process is put into a plan developed by the members of staff, the Army Instructor, and Senior Army Instructor. The whole project begins being physically assembled at the beginning of the week before the event. Instead of the cadets doing their usual leadership classes, they begin setup of this event. All through the week, cadets work tirelessly through their class periods to do as much as they can, like hanging the gossamer, raising the garrison flag, and posting the state flags. The setup peaks on Thursday and Friday, the final days to get everything set and ready for Saturday. This is when all the tedious work is done- setting tables, organizing flowers, and setting up chairs. Thursdays and Fridays are also very important for another reason, that’s when the Saber Honor Guard and the Color Guard practice for their integral roles during the event. 

Military Ball is an event that all the JROTC students anticipate. Whether they can’t wait for their rewards and recognition, or if they just can’t wait for the actual dance part of it, it is a major highlight for cadets.