Coronavirus: What’s Really Going On


Cardinal Chronicle

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Erik Dubbs, Editor

The COVID-19, popularly known as the Coronavirus, has been documented in Pennsylvania. According to The Morning Call, there have been COVID-19 cases in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. In Pine Grove, Schuylkill County, conversation about the Coronavirus has been of utmost popularity. Most teenagers, adults, and professionals, have expressed their concerns about the rising pandemic. 

“I’m not worried whatsoever,” states Mrs. Yourey, high school science teacher, “The Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease which seems to be why people are concerned. For the most part, no prior exposure to the virus has been experienced which explains the attention the virus is receiving.” 

Yourey continues in reference to statistics, “Wuhan, China, where the Coronavirus recently began, is a heavily polluted area. Residents of Wuhan also smoke a number of cigarettes. From what we know from air pollution and smoke, it targets lungs; and when exposed to respiratory virus like COVID-19, there will undoubtedly be health complications. . . just make sure to wash your hands!”

“I’m scared that I’m going to get it because I feel like crap right now.” jokes Autumn Wenner, Junior, “But seriously, It doesn’t worry me, I think we’ll deal with it when the time comes. I just hope everyone stays safe. For now, I’ll just focus on living my life, making sure I’m caught up with schoolwork, and of course, washing my hands.”

“I’m not really sure about what’s going to happen,” stats Mr. Felty, sixth grade science teacher. Felty compares the Coronavirus to Ebola, “I talked a lot about Ebola in my classroom. But I would say COVID-19 is something to cause concern for the mere fact, we didn’t really experience Ebola in the United States.” Felty continues, “The Coronavirus is here and we’re taking it seriously because it is a serious thing. In regards to the government, I haven’t given it much thought. There are policies in place and they’re being followed. Our school is doing the same. If you look at the Facebook page, Pine Grove is uniform with the rest of the county and the CDC.”