Grocery Store Employee Impacted by Virus

With no paper products, the rush fills in when you here that paper products are here.

Brodie Lyons, Staffer

The Covid-19 has impacted most of our lives in many ways. The school and many other places have shut down. Our families are mainly either working from home or not at all. Others are considered to be essential like gas stations, hardware stores, and grocery stores. The hours, policies, and working conditions have changed. People are scared to go into stores due to the possibility of getting sick. 

As a worker at BG’s, a grocery store, I find that people tend to panic and buy hoards of food and items. Because of these actions, our store and many others have run out of certain products. With shipments of products usually coming 4 times a week, and barely coming 2 times with plenty of stock, be cautious towards the people that might need a certain product. With cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and tobacco products being limited to a minimal amount, these are important not to take unless you need it.   As a person who is on the front lines, there is no need to panic. The stores will have enough of essential food supplies to last, and will also remain open. With new laws, stores will strictly enforce social distancing, wearing a mask, and cleaning products as much as possible. You may be denied entry if you don’t wear a mask. The hours have changed so that employees will keep the shelves stocked and floors and shelves properly cleaned. For example, our work hours are 7-7 instead of 7-9. The first and third register are open, then the second is closed to enforce social distancing. We have to enforce social distancing to help keep people safe. 

Coming from someone who knows the importance of our store, we ask not to hoard items due to all the people that actually need things. We do not have a strict item limit, but still be generous to the elders.The store will be open every day, so you can get your weekly groceries. The important lessons we are learning should help us in the future. With all the changes in the stores, it is important to know that you should feel safe.