STC an Option for Incoming Freshmen

Elektra Mease, Staffer

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Mr.Fitzpatrick from Schuylkill Technology Center presented to the 8th graders about enrolling into one of the STC’s buildings for their high school career. While he was there, he showed the students what all is available for them to enroll into if they wanted to go to STC. He also told them about the opportunities that joining the program can give you for when you graduate from the program.

“I think it’s good for people who don’t want to sit down in a classroom all day long and want to get out in the real world and do stuff,” says Kyleigh Stump .   Joshua Gehres agrees, “The whole presentation made me more interested into enrolling into Welding and other students benefited by seeing what they could do with their lives as they get older and help them get started in the real world.” .

Not only were the students interested into the presentation but it also got the teachers attention. According to  Mr. Stump, an 8th grade Social Studies teacher, “It’s a great place where you can get real life experience and practical skills in the workplace and beyond.”  Overall STC is a great program for students wanting to get into good jobs and hands on activities. It’s a great start for getting out into the real world.