Landscape of High School Sports is Changing


Taylor Trotter

Center, Keith Koppenhaver, getting ready to snap the ball to quarterback, Josh Leininger.

Taylor Trotter, Web Editor

“The landscape of high school sports has been changing. There are several factors that played a part in the decision to switch,” said Athletic Director, Scott Dimon. Starting in 2020, Pine Grove Area Football will be apart of the Schuylkill League. The Schuylkill League has more local schools, football will start playing schools that Pine Grove Area already plays in other sports. “It will have each team playing a majority of the same classification schools. It will be a balanced schedule,” said Head Football Coach Frank Gaffney.

Mr. Dimon and Coach Gaffney both hope that this helps bring a positive effect to Friday Night Football here. “This will increase attendance and improve the atmosphere in Cardinal Stadium. It brings back Coal Region football,” said Coach Gaffney. There are high hopes that our student-athletes will be excited for the “new” league. There is no way of telling how well the team will do in terms of wins and loses; however, there is hope that Pine Grove Area will become a true competitor in this league. Coach Gaffney tells his players, “I expect to win,” never going into a game with a negative outlook.

Athletic directors, coaches and players are all excited for the opportunity that comes with joining the new league. “I’m ready to see how we perform. I’m ready for the new challenge that this will bring our football team.” said Shea Morgan.