Senior Skip Day

One of the endless activities a Senior could do on Senior Skip Day.

Brianna Armstead, Features Editor

The day that every Senior waits for- Senior Skip Day. One day off of school to relax, sleep the day away, hang with friends, or, if you really wanted to, go to school. Most Seniors, however, choose to take the day off. Ask around the high school and you’ll see most of the Seniors counting down the days until the end of the school year. This year, Senior Skip Day took place on February 18th, so expect little to none Seniors in class. Senior, Vito Biondo says “Senior Skip Day is a great idea. It is appreciated by all the Seniors who get a day off and get to chill out.”

The rest of the high school (grades 9-11) also have opinions on Senior Skip Day. Kayla Massey, a Junior, says, “it’s good for the Seniors because they get a break from school but everyone else has to come in. It’s not necessarily unfair, though, because everyone gets the chance eventually.” Even the teachers recognize this day. Mr. Dusko, a technology teacher at the high school, says “I am for Senior Skip Day, but students need to be mature and reasonable with what they do with their free time.”

Although most of the teachers and almost all of the Seniors recognize this day as an actual day off, the school district itself does not. Senior Skip Day doesn’t fall into any of the excused absences categories like being sick or having a doctor’s appointment, so the day counts againsts everyone that skips. The high school principal, Mr. Janicelli doesn’t remember whether or not he partook in Senior Skip Day when he was a Senior and isn’t sure if he would now. “It’s important as a Senior to have high school memories, friendships, and bonds, but unfortunately, Senior Skip Day falls into a grey category.”