Finger Painting Not Just for Kindergarten

Avery Nagle’s dancing couple portrait.

Alyssa Zerbe, Staffer

“I feel like I’m in elementary school again,” says Jesse Diego. Finger painting is a common art form many of us have experienced. The practice is in the literal hands of children and usually ends in a few ways… a big mess or an even bigger mess. A few artists have decided to take this childhood method of painting and actually make a career out of it. Students in  Painting 2 are attempting this method through the supervision of the high school art teacher, Megan Bux.

There is one particular artist, Iris Scott, that comes to mind when talking about professional finger painting. Scott’s most famous artworks include various colors and movement and fine details. They seem to tell a story in the most interesting ways with all of the motion throughout. According to, Iris first picked up this method after painting a yellow flower oil painting and all of her brushes were dirty. She decided to use her fingers, the best brush of them all to quickly finish the painting. The very next day she decided to create another painting with just her fingers.  “I think her paintings are way different than anything I’ve ever seen,” says Jesse Diego. Scott has taken this often overlooked childhood art and created a completely new method to painting.“ I think it’s important to show artists that don’t do things the traditional way” says Ms. Bux.

Maura Lehman, describes the fingerpainting as, “very relaxing.” She says, “I’m able to move my fingers throughout the paint and create whatever I’d like.” “I like this project and it pushes students to do something they’re never done before” says Bux.