Not Just About Dungeons and Dragons


Alyssa Zerbe

D & D Gaming

Alyssa Zerbe, Staffer

“It all started with Dungeons and Dragons,” says Mr.Hull, Spanish teacher at Pine Grove Area High School, “If students want to play other games they can do that too, but this is the start.

The new Gaming Club came about when a student, Owen Moyer, brought up the idea to Miss Hoover, English teacher. “Last year in class, Owen and I were talking about a podcast that plays Dungeons and Dragons. So I wanted to figure out a way we could do it in school as a group,” Miss Hoover says. “I’m a giant nerd, and a bunch of my nerd friends wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons,” Owen Moyer says. “He’s done so much for the club,” she says, “he created the proposal for it and everything.”

As of right now, the next meeting is set for Wednesday 20th at 3PM after school. “Anyone can join,” Hoover says, “I think it’s good for all kids to try new things.” Games such as Apples To Apples, Call of Cthulhu, Checkers, Chess, Magic: the Gathering, and Dungeons of Dragons are options for the near future. “Well, right now, as Hoover had said, we will probably do one game one meeting and another game another meeting,” says Tyler Stokes, another club member, “I think if we get more people, we could do more than one game per meeting,”

“I typed 2, 12-page proposals for the School Board,” Owen says, “So I’m so glad it got passed.”  Owen has been the most involved in creating this club and shows immense dedication. “I want the club to continue even after I leave high school,” he says.

The idea of bringing video games has also been proposed. “If people want to play video games and either bring in games or raise money for gaming systems then yeah, it’s a great idea,” Tyler Stokes says. “As far as future plans go, I would like to try and start eSports,” Mr Hull says,” I think that would be a good idea, and we could compete with other schools.”