36th Annual JROTC Military Ball

Cadet Brandon Yesenosky accepting an award.

Bryce Delp, Staffer

“I just saw something I was so proud of,” says Sgt. Rick Yarosh (Ret.), “I saw a nation that stood together.” Rick Yarosh, the guest speaker of the 36th annual JROTC Military Ball, talks about how the unity after 9/11 inspired him to join the armed forces and the day his life changed forever during his service. Yarosh had been heavily injured by an improvised explosive device during his service in Iraq, but he describes it as the best day of his life. Since he recovered, Yarosh has spoken to over one million people, sharing his amazing story of recovery and hope. “I think that’s what makes adversity so amazing. Because in the end, you get to help people.”

The JROTC program was also given a check worth $1,000 in order to help pay for their upcoming trip to France, courtesy of District 13 of the American Legion. This trip also serves as  the theme of the Military Ball, as miniature Eiffel Towers decorate the tables. Cadet Jade Shollenberger is credited with designing and managing this year’s Military Ball.

The JROTC Military Ball is a formal event held annually for cadets in the program. The Ball includes events such as a banquet, a speech by the guest of honor, and an awards ceremony. Toasts are proposed to the military, the Corps of Cadets, and the President of the United States, among other things. The event allows all the Senior cadets to be recognized and display their awards that they have accumulated. Afterwards, a casual dance is held, where cadets can change into civilian clothing and have fun for the remainder of the night.