Athletic Trainer to the Cards

Kaleigh Sohn, Staffer

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“You can’t help your team if you can’t help yourself,” says Heather Tobias. Heather Tobias is the Athletic Trainer for all Pine Grove Area athletes. During her high school career, she had suffered a knee injury and had to meet with her athletic trainer. From there, Tobias had helped the athletic trainer in her school and sort of became a junior trainer. She learned what being an athletic trainer meant and what they did. Since then Tobias knew that this is what she wanted to do with her life. When she graduated from Warwick High School in Lititz, she went to Shippensburg University for her Bachelor’s of Science. After that she went to Bloomsburg University for her Masters degree in Athletic Training.

“I love my job, but you can still have bad days no matter what your job is. Some of the worst days is when I am the one who has to tell a student that they have an injury that will put them out for part of their season or perhaps their entire season,” said Tobias. “There is, though, a good part to my job. Some of the best days include when a kid comes back after a devastating injury, like an ACL tear, to play the next season. With a job like mine you have to take the good with the bad. Though most days are enjoyable.”

There is not much room in Tobias’s career to expand. The only up is Semi-Pro and Olympic teams.