CoronaVirus Effects Band Camp

Members of the band social practice not only their music, but mask wearing during Band Camp.

Shyla Brown, Staffer

The Corona Virus has had a major impact when it comes to high school football. Many schools have decided to cancel their season. The Pine Grove Area Marching Band started their band camp in August before anyone knew if Pine Grove would even have a football season. Mr. Gibson, band director, states, “We got through camp the best we could by asking for social distancing and masks whenever possible, as well as mandatory temperature checks.” 

It was different for everyone this year. With the uncertainty of a football season and worry about the virus the band lost members.  “Unfortunately, we lost over 20 students through the fear of Covid and other issues,” said Gibson.

Mr. Gibson stated that although band camp was not easy, the real struggle came with the return of school. “With over 120 kids in the band, scattered through 5 grades, it has been extremely difficult to pull things together to be ready to perform.  The first rehearsal we had that put things together was Friday at 5:30, an hour before our first performance,” said Gibson.

The outlook of the football season for the band is still uncertain. “I’m really not sure…I would love to believe that just as fast as we were whisked away in March, that fast we will return and put all this behind us.  A year that was supposed to be filled with excitement for our show and a trip to Disney World, is now filled with questions and confusion on how it will all end, ” stated Mr. Gibson.