Lady Cards Close Call

Kailen Felty knocks down a 3 pointer for the Lady Cards.

Kolby Geesey, Sports Editor

The Lady Cards were matched up against the Lady Indians of Lehighton. Kailen Felty said, “After previously playing them we thought we could win, we just needed to be more solid across the board on both sides of the ball.” 

The Lady Indians set the pace of this game by quickly drawing a foul, and going to the free throw line. They would make both foul shots, and would draw another foul shortly after. They would only make one of the free throws, and then get a quick steal for a layup to get a 5-0 lead. Felty knocked down a three to end the Lady Indians run, and put the Lady Cards on the board. The Lady Indians would go back to the free throw line, and make just one out of the two. Mikaili Donmoyer, would draw a foul, to get herself a chance at the free throw line, and would sink them both. The Lady Indians would make a mid-range jump shot on the next possession, but Donmoyer would answer with a mid range jumper of her own. With the first quarter winding down, Felty would make a layup to give the Lady Cardinals the lead, with the score being 9-8.

The Lady Indians would start off the second quarter the same way they started the game, with some free throws. They would get to the line twice and make two of the four. Donmoyer would make another mid range jumper to start the Lady Cards second quarter. The Lady Indians would go on an eight to nothing run to give them a lead. Marissa Stewart would end the drought for the Lady Cards with a jump shot of her own. Bailley Dorson would draw a foul and make a free throw, but the Lady Indians would respond by making a three pointer. The quarter would end with the Lady Indians making two free throws to bring the score to, 15-23 at the half. Felty, would start the third quarter with a three pointer, which would be followed up by a Lindsey Wolff layup. The Lady Indians would go on a small run, but Donmoyer would stop the run by drawing a foul, but only made one of the free throws. Just 30 seconds later Donmoyer would knock down another three pointer to shrink the Lady Indians lead. The Lady Indians would make a mid range jump shot to extend their lead to 27-34 at the end of the third quarter.

The Lady Indians would start the fourth quarter off hot, going on another eight to zero run, in an attempt to put this game out of reach. Donmoyer would get fouled on a three, but make just two of the foul shots. She would follow herself up with a layup, and on the next possession she would knock down a three pointer. A few possessions later, Stewart would knock down a three pointer to bring the Lady Cards within three. The Lady Cards would have to foul the Lady Indians, but they would not make a free throw. Dorson would get fouled, and make one of two, bringing the lead to just two. The Lady Cards would foul again, and the Lady Indians were unsuccessful at the free throw line again. With 20 seconds left the Lady Cards would not be able to make a game tying shot and end up losing with a score of 47-49. Donmoyer said, “We responded well after halftime, and we just need to play the whole game like we did in the second half, and we will be very successful.”