Alumni: Jason Zerbe


Suzanne Dubbs

Jason Zerbe, Class of 2001, is the chef at The Brick Yard Bistro.

Shyla Brown, Staffer

Jason Zerbe is a 2001 graduate from Pine Grove Area High School. Jason is the head chef at the Brickyard Bistro in Pine Grove. 

“I hope people will appreciate the food.” Zerbe has created an upscale Mediterranean influenced menu, at the Brickyard Bistro. The menu will feature a lot of different types of food and flavors,“I’d say Northern France, Southern Germany, a bit of Italy, and a quick dash of Korean for flavor,” he states. 

One thing that makes his food unique is the ingredients used. “I use a lot of things from around the world.  I love Mascarpone cheese, Korean Gochujang chili paste, aged white balsamic, and almost any kind of small salty fish,”said Zerbe.

“I actually didn’t go to school for cooking, I went to school for something completely different.” However, he found interest in it. He then attended  culinary school at YTI in Lancaster and also took additional courses at MIT, Stanford, Temple, and a few others.

He enjoys every aspect of the culinary industry. “My favorite part of this industry is how versatile you have to be… there’s so many parts to the industry from chemistry to sociology to botany the list goes on,” stated Zerbe, “I love each part.”