An Administrator’s View on Chromebooks

Mr. Dunkelberger instructing students on how to use their new Chromebooks.

McKenna Valentine, Staffer

The Pine Grove Area School District recently bought chromebooks for all of their students. The chromebooks were purchased so students could access virtual learning from in, and out of school. Mr. Janicelli, the Pine Grove High School’s principal, comments on the arrival of the computers, “It’s as good as it can be. The chromebooks were delivered at 11:30 and by 3:00 they were unboxed and ready to be sent out.” Students, faculty, and the IT Department all helped with the administration of the chrome books.

 “I believe our students can use the chromebook like any other tool they have access to. No different than a book or notebook,” explains Mr. Dunkelberger, vice principal of the PGAHS. “Now that the students have this device, the process shifts to them and how well they use this tool to their advantage,” finished Dunkelberger. 

From an administrator’s point of view, the roll out and the purchase of the chromebooks went well. Now that the administrators did their part, it’s up for the students to use them to their advantage.