Wonderful Winter Days


Nakiya Sholly

An image of a snowy dog out playing on a winter day.

Nakiya Sholly, Staffer

During the past few weeks it has been pretty cold and filled with lots of snow showers. I have many mixed emotions about winter, but it definitely isn’t my favorite season. Some days I love going out in the snow and others not so much. Sometimes I wish winter wasn’t even a season. If I could, I would get rid of it all and hope it didn’t come back. But having all this snow does bring some positive sides.

Snow brings lots of positive and negative things. My favorite part about having snow is going sledding. At my house, we have a giant hill that I have been sledding on since I was a little kid. I look forward to that every winter, it is one of my favorite things to do. My least favorite thing about snow is shoveling. I personally think it’s the worst thing ever. I used to think having off school because of the snow was the worst, but now it’s not because we have a synchronous school day and don’t have to make it up. Another good thing I like about snow is going out and playing with my puppy, she loves the snow a lot. Snow  brings a lot of good and bad things but we can never get away from it.

This year has brought us a lot of snow already, we can’t seem to escape it. But we get to enjoy it with our families and make lots of memories. I can say I won’t miss shoveling when spring comes, but I will miss going sledding and playing with my puppy out in the snow. I hope it all melts soon so we can enjoy spring and summer without the snow.