Signs of Spring

Spring flowers bloom among winter grey.

Markayla Shadler

Spring flowers bloom among winter grey.

Markayla Shadler, Staffer

How many times during the Fall and Winter season did you catch yourself wishing it were Spring? When the snow is falling and the wind is blowing, did you find yourself imagining yourself on the front porch swing enjoying the warm spring air while watching the sunset? I know that I had wished for spring many times this past fall and winter. If I could have made it get here any faster, I would have. 

Spring is a time for new growth and a lot of people associate spring with new beginnings. Watching the landscape around you turn from shades of brown and grey to bursts of bright green and vivid color. It truly is a feeling like no other watching the world come back to life. You see people outside and you cannot deny that hearing the birds chirp in the morning just seems to make your day start a little bit better. 

What is your favorite part of spring? Mine is a sign of new life all around. From the buds on the trees to the first flowers of spring. Some of the first flowers of spring were my Gram’s favorites. Tulips were the ones that she enjoyed the most. She would chase my pap out to the flower bed at the end of each summer to bring the bulbs back inside so they would survive the long winter ahead.  Then she would get so excited to have Pap put them back out in the early spring so they could bloom once again.

This spring is a season of new beginnings for so many, me included. You see this is the first spring without my Gram. So, while it is quite different, I think of her always. Especially when I see springtime flowers. Take this time of new growth and new beginnings to slow down and pay attention to the wonders it brings. Listen for the birds, take time to feel the warm breeze, and to enjoy the sights and smells of the blooming flowers.