Not a Typical Job for Teens


Cardinal Chronicle

Shyla Brown, Sophomore, learning the ropes at Royal Forklift in Pine Grove, PA.

Shyla Brown, Staffer

When most kids think of getting their first job, the first thing that comes to mind is working in a fast food restaurant or at a local grocery store. When I turned sixteen last month, like most other sixteen year olds I thought it was time to get a job and make my own money. I honestly wasn’t too excited to get a job because there weren’t many options. I wanted my first job to be enjoyable, not boring and tiring.

My dad had told me that he might have found me a job at Royal Forklift in Pine Grove. It was a local and family owned business and they were looking to hire. I went in for an interview and my now boss asked me questions about myself and when I was looking to work.“I always want to employ a high school student to give them the opportunity to know what it is like in real life, teach them work ethics, and work skills,” explained Tara Morgan.   

 My first week of work consisted of getting to know the work place and the people. I learned how to fill out work orders, how they fix forklifts and make forklifts. I also learned how to pull parts from the shelves by matching up the part number to the number on the paper. I worked with my co-workers to understand what they really did on a day to day basis. 

One of my favorite things about working at Royal Forklift is the laid back environment. It’s never stressful and it’s usually a pretty relaxed environment. “I want young adults to know that they can work at a job, enjoy their job, enjoy going to work and know that you must be serious and have a sense of urgency in the workplace,” explained Morgan.

I’m so happy I got this job, and so far I really enjoy it. I love how everyday is different, you never know what to expect. Some days are super busy and other days are more slow paced. I’m excited to learn more on this journey, and continue to work at Royal Forklift.