PGA Track and Field 2021

A photo of Josh Leininger, senior, practicing his long jump form.

Nick Wolff, Staffer

This year of high school track is a first for many athletes at Pine Grove. The freshmen are obviously experiencing this sport for the first time, but they are not the only ones. The sophomores this year that wanted to compete last year are also going to be experiencing the sport for the first time due to the cancellation of Spring Sports caused by Covid-19. These Sophomores will get to experience meets and actual competition for the first time.

The Juniors have been experiencing a struggle to get back to their usual times and distances. Many have described it as themselves being rusty, Senior Derrick Boyer, described it as feeling like he took “two years” off. There have also been a lot of injuries this year not just in track but in other sports as well. The long time off has had a large effect on the physical condition of the athletes. Many have complained about the shape they are currently in since the quarantine happened and the constant concern over the mask at practice is a main complaint. Nobody wants to have to run with a piece of fabric across their mouth and nose. These masks restrict the airflow of athletes and cause them discomfort while competing.

After asking around to see people’s opinions on the new guidelines to hopefully prevent COVID from interfering with the season and their goals for the season upperclassman had plenty to say. Senior, Josh Leininger said, “My goals for the year are to just have fun and make it through the whole season without getting quarantined. I’d also like to place at leagues and districts. The covid guidelines are a pain and wearing a mask outside seems unnecessary but we can’t do anything about it. i’m content with whatever as long as we get to have our season.” And Junior Abigail Frew said, “i think that it’s great we all get to continue to do the sport we enjoy under all the circumstances. My goal this year is to just be competitive but make memories with my friends as my time runs out for my senior friends.” Even sophomore Mason Kroh had something to say, “I think with covid this year and last year it affects us a lot. Our team is very young considering half of us have never competed in a high school meet before but we have some good athletes on the team and I’m excited to see how well we do as a team this season.”

Track is off to a good start with all things considered. With the first real meet in two weeks everyone is working hard to try to prepare for it. The team is starting to get everything together and is becoming a much better team as a whole. With all the setbacks and troubles going into the season it’s good to see that the track team is doing well and is excited moving forward to compete.