PGA Baseball Outlook 2021

Hunter Deichert, junior, #14 up to bat.

Nick Wolff, Staffer

  With the baseball season underway Pine Grove’s players are looking forward to showing what they can do on the field and at the plate. The team is young and ready to play but injuries have held back the team so far. Head Coach Lehman is very excited about this season saying, “Outstanding group to coach. We will be depending on several young players with no high school experience and upper classmen with limited varsity experience. We have some players with early season injuries that we need to get back on the field and stay away from any additional injuries.” 

   The players themselves have positive outlooks going into the season as well. Many players are excited to play with the team that they grew up with. Playing together has always been a goal for many of them. Ethan Hannevig shortstop and pitcher for Pine Grove said, “I’m excited for this year. We’ve all been playing together for most of our lives and have good chemistry. We’re all good buddies and have each other’s back. It should be a very successful season.” That chemistry will be essential to a successful season for the Cards. With a pretty well rounded team Pine Grove is a well put together team Catcher Danny Zimmerman said, “ Well I think the season is gonna go pretty well, we have good hitting and pitching and all around good fielding. I think we are gonna be pretty good this year.” 

   The team has an all around positive outlook on their season thus far. Lehman even had a good feeling about the COVID guidelines saying, “Missing the season last year, we must appreciate even more each opportunity, practice or game we get to go on the field as it can be taken away at any time. We must do everything we can as a team to prevent that from happening but sometimes situations occur that are out of your control.” They are taking the virus very seriously and taking all the proper precautions to ensure the safety of players, coaches, and fans alike.