Senior of the Month: Donovand Copeland


Cardinal Chronicle

April 2021 Senior of the Month, Donovand Copeland.

Each Senior of the Month was asked 10 questions…

1.How do you feel about being senior of the month?

 –It feels good to be a senior because it is the start of a new chapter for collage

2.How do you feel about last year being hybrid?

-I like the hybrid situation because it gave me time to catch up on homework.

3.How do you feel about being senior of the month?

-It is an honor to be named senior of the month because I got recognized for my hard work.

4.Favorite and least favorite thing being a senior during Covid?

-My favorite thing was having smaller classes so it was easier to answer questions and get help, the worst part was not seeing my friends.

5.What do you want to do after you graduate? 

-After I graduate I’m attending Pennsylvania College of Technology with a major in cyber security.

6.What piece of advice would you give to underclassmen?

-Advice would be work hard and don’t slack in school.

7.If you play sports or do any other activities how were they affected by covid?

-I was not able to play 4 years of high school baseball due to covid.

8.Best memory from senior year so far?

-Sports and spending time with friends.

9.Favorite thing to do outside of school?

-Hang out with friends and occasionally go golfing.

10.Who is someone you look up to?

-I look up to my grandpa because he always gives me the best advice and always is there for me when I need it.