Heinz vs. Hunts


Logan Zimmerman

An image of Heniz Tomato Ketchup vs. Hunts Tomato Ketchup.

Markayla Shadler, Staffer

Heinz is known as a ballpark staple while Hunts is known as nothing more than generic.  Both sit on the same grocery store shelf and have a classic red tomato like color.  They even come in similar squeeze bottles.  From the outside one may even think they are the same minus their classic tell all labels.  There are many reasons why I choose to use Heinz but what do others have to say?

Well, I took to the hallways and the neighborhood to see what everyone else had to say.  The fist on my list to talk with was Mr. Dunkleberger and he said, “what is the difference, they are the same, ketchup is just ketchup.”  While Mr. Janicelli said, “I just eat what my wife buys.”  I guess we know who does the grocery shopping at his house now don’t we.  Mrs. Culbert is like me she said, “I prefer Heinz, Hunts just don’t taste right.” After chatting up the staff I decided to catch up and ask some friends.  Cristal Campos said “Hunts is gross, and Heinz has more flavor.  Plus, it is made here in Pennsylvania.”  While Casper Martin said, “Hunts is better because it is cheaper.”  How does cost make it taste better?  That is my main question after hearing that answer. 

Lastly, I asked Morgan Lucas.  Well, he has the best answer of them all.  Nathan just laughed at me and said “Neither one!  I do not like ketchup.”  Seriously?!  Who does not like ketchup?  Have you ever heard of anyone?  So, I guess the bottom line is that most people like and or use both.  Whether it be for cost savings or because they feel one tastes better than the other.  The bottom line is that they are both ketchups.  Even though I am a firm supporter of Heinz, I guess in a pinch Hunts would work if it had to.