Main Office Multi-Tasking Maven

Colin Ibarra, junior, talking to the High School Principal’s Secretary, Mrs. Melanie Daubert.

Nakiya Sholly, Staffer

Mrs. Melanie Daubert, is the High School Principal’s Secretary and an alumna of  Pine Grove High Area School. Mel, as she is affectionately known,  graduated in 1985, she went and furthered her education at Thompson Business Institute and earned an Associates Degree in Accounting. After she graduated from college in 1987, she went to work for Lebanon Seaboard Corporation. After working there for quite awhile, she decided to come back to work for Pine Grove Area High School. “I love the students and all the people I work with,” says Mrs. Daubert. 

“We are just so fortunate,” says Mr. Janiceli, the High School Principal. “She makes this place run and above all that, the connection she has with the staff and especially the students is priceless.” 

Mrs. Daubert  has the brightest smile and knows how to make everyone’s day. “If I was ever trapped in a desert, I would want Mel there,” says Mrs. Roshannon. “She is a great problem solver, and the nicest person in the world. We all would be lost without her.” 

“Mel is like the mom of our school. If you need anything she is there for you,” says  Colin Ibarra, junior. 

“Mel is quite simply the best,” says Mr. Janiceli. “She makes the job real simple, but it is not. It is very complicated throughout the day and she multitasks better than anyone I have ever been around,” continues Janicelli. 

Outside of working, Mel loves spending time with her two kids every chance she gets. She lives on a farm, and enjoys taking care of all the cows and pets: four inside cats, eight outside cats, a pair of turkeys, a pair of peacocks and a few chickens. When she is not working or taking care of her farm, she loves to get away and enjoy the beach.