Alumni: Kristen (Fessler) Harris.

Alumni, Kristen (Fessler) Harris, Class of 2014.

Kristen (Fessler) Harris

Alumni, Kristen (Fessler) Harris, Class of 2014.

Shyla Brown, Staffer

Kristen Harris is a 2014 graduate from Pine Grove Area High School. “I had always enjoyed art but I never knew how to make a career out of it,” says Kristen. “Mrs. Bux encouraged me to look into art education and I knew almost instantly that it was a perfect fit.” 

After graduating high school, Harris attended Kutztown University and graduated in 2018 with an Art Degree. She now works in an elementary school teaching 750 Kindergarten through 5th grade students. 

During her time in high school, she enjoyed her art class and she also liked Environmental Science. She took part in Art Club and she did one year of theater.  Kristen was also a Girl Scout. She was inspired by Ms. Bux “I was also encouraged by Mr. Blydenburg, my senior English teacher,” says Kristen. “He always pushed me to do my best work and he played a big role in making me feel ready for college.”     

Kristen is currently living in West Virginia with her husband, Matt, and her pets.