Senior of the Month: Emily Kopinetz


Cardinal Chronicle

May 2021 Senior of the Month, Emily Kopenitz.

McKenna Valentine, Staffer

Each Senior of the Month was asked 10 questions…

1.How do you feel about being a senior?

-Honestly, being a senior is scarier than I imagined. I honestly thought it was going to be fun and stressless but all it is, is stress because of preparing for college.

2.How do you feel about last year being hybrid?

-I actually liked the hybrid system. I felt as though I was getting more help from teachers because of classes being smaller. I just miss it wasn’t my senior year because i felt as though I missed out on so much.

3.How do you feel about being senior of the month?

-Being senior of the month was actually a surprise to me. I never really set out from being noticed in school and classes. I really just wanted to have good grades and contribute in helping in school. Being recognized for something I never set out to achieve actually made me feel as though I was doing good and people noticed. 

4.Favorite and least favorite thing about being a senior during covid?

-My favorite thing would probably be that all my classes were small and not compacted. My least favorite would probably be that I missed out on all of the lasts, like my homecoming, semi, the final walk through, etc. 

5. What do you want to do after you graduate?

-After I graduate I plan to attend King’s College and major in nursing to later become a NICU nurse.

6.What piece of advice would you give to underclassmen?

-A piece of advice I would give underclassmen would be to stress yourself out too much, don’t spread yourself too thin just to achieve success. Your success will come. 

7.If you play sports or do any other activities how were they affected with covid?

-I played volleyball all four years of high school, but this year wasn’t the same. At first we weren’t allowed to have the whole team out with us but after a little we did. Then we couldn’t have fans or a student section, then we couldn’t have our whole family with us. 

8.Best memory from senior year so far?

-My favorite memory of school this year would have to be my volleyball season. We were stuck in a terrible situation and we set new records the whole time.

9.Favorite thing to do outside of school?

-My favorite thing to do outside of school is just hangout with my friends and go on ridiculous drives to basically anywhere.

10.Who is someone you look up to?

-If I had to choose just one person to say who I looked up to, I would have to choose my Aunt Sharon. She has been by my side through everything my entire life and even with having her own kids she was still there for me. She is the sweetest, nicest, most caring person you will ever meet.