Homecoming Nominees Race For Crown

Hallie Wolfe and Brody Robinson, nominees, taking the first place lead after the first event.

McKenna Valentine, Staffer

This year due to Covid, traditional Fall Homecoming was cancelled.  Mr. Gibson decided to organize the crowning of homecoming king and queen in the spring. The students had a series of games to play to choose the order for the picking of boxes. The winners of the games would then choose boxes for each of the remaining nominees. Brody Robinson and Hallie Wolfe won the games so they decided who got what box.  When the nominees each opened their box, it contained a gift card and for two lucky people a sash.  The queen candidates: Alera Aungst, Elizabeth Leganza, McKenna LeVan, Jade Shollenberger, and Hallie Wolfe. The king candidates: Erik Dubbs, Hunter Legarht,Shea Morgan, Brody Robinson, and Damion Williams.

“It was an absolute thrill to be crowned homecoming queen. I was not even expecting to make it into the top ten let alone be queen. It was one of the many great memories that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life,” says LeVan. “I feel honored to be king and it’s pretty cool,” states Morgan.