Pine Grove Community Blooming Together

Quentin Umbnhauer and Kendra Umbenhauer are enjoying planting in the Pine Grove Community Garden.

McKenna Valentine, Staffer

Mackenzie Lesh, PGA Class of 2016, opened the Pine Grove Community Garden, located near Burke’s Dairy Bar. After joining the Pine Grove Open Door Project, Lesh has been advertising for donations. Donations from Siegel Lumber Company and Werner Lumber had helped set up the beds. The Pine Grove Area Girls Soccer team had helped distribute 20 cubic yards of soil. The garden will consist of flowers, vegetables, and even strawberries. The goal of the garden is to grow as much food as possible to then donate it to those in need. The garden is made up of donations of: compost, seeds, tools, plants, and soil. 

“One day I thought about my passion for teaching and gardening and thought of creating some type of community garden and kids gardening program in the future,” states Mackenzie Lesh. Gardening is Lesh’s passion, and she decided that the location would be a beautiful place to start a community garden. “I love the idea of teaching such a valuable and healthy skill to children and bringing people together,” explains  Lesh. Talia Doud, Lesh’s aunt and PGA Class of 2009, will be running a kids art program and from there, the kids will be installing a mural on the cinder block wall of the garden to go along with the project. 

The main goal of the garden is to bring everyone in the community together during these times with the Covid-19 pandemic. The garden will not only bring the community together, but also help those in need with the donations of its outcomes.