Cardinal Football Lifts at First Annual Thon

Sophomore, Carter Raudabaugh, squatting weights preparing for the first ever Cardinal Lift-A-Thon.

Brandon Unger, Staffer

This year Pine Grove’s Football team will be hosting its first annual Lift-a-Thon. “The 2021 Lift-A-Thon is Pine Grove Area Football’s interactive and fun way of fundraising for the upcoming season. From May 25-28, the players on the team will max out and lift as much weight as possible for Bench Press, Squat, Power Clean, and Deadlift. After the totals are added up, the player’s bodyweight will be subtracted from the amount, which will give all the players their new total. Leading up to the Lift-A-Thon week, players will look for “sponsors or donors” who can choose to either donate a penny, nickel, dime, or quarter per pound of weight after the total calculations,” said Coach Travis Mumma.

Aaron Crumrine, upcoming senior, said, “Personally I think it’s a good thing that we are doing. I’m trying to raise all the money I can for the program and the family that the 20% will be going to.” This event is also an opportunity to raise money to help the Pine Grove Area Football program to help pay for new equipment and progress the program as a whole. It also is fun for the athletes to all workout together and get in shape and prepare early for the start of the football season.

Mason Kroh, Pine Grove’s quarterback and upcoming junior said, “I think it’s a great opportunity to support the program and get as many people in the community involved as possible. I think it’s great because it makes the players feel more involved and have something to show for all the hard work we have been putting in during the off-season.”  Head Coach Frank Gaffney said, “We are excited to show off our student athletes in the 1st ever PGA Lift-a- Thon. This event was created to give each player a chance to show his offseason success along with raising money for the program and a family in need. Our program takes pride in the student athletes. We are excited to see the turnout for this event! We hope that everyone gets involved and supports one of our student athletes.”