Eagle Scout Achievement

Hunter Legarht, senior, helping get rid of the old pavilion at Pine Grove’s HH&L Fire Company.

Levi Bettinger, Staffer

Recently, three PGAHS students in Pine Grove Troop 611 have achieved the Eagle Scout award which is the highest award in the Boy Scouts. “The constant quest for knowledge pushed me forward in earning this position,” said Andrew Mindy, senior. “People often think of Scouting as just camping in the woods or something like that, but the simple things you learn like kindness and respect are things you value the most.”, says Andrew. Mindy replaced  the flag pole and landscaping in front of the high school. Mindy continues, “It was in need of replacement and I knew it would make the high school nicer.”

To earn the Eagle Scout award, one must complete a project that benefits the people. Hunter Legarht, senior,  said, “I learned the simple things like kindness and respect and I will be forever grateful for that.”  Legarht remade the pavilion next to the stage at Hose, Hook and Ladder(HH&L) in downtown Pine Grove. Legarht was motivated by, “My parents and the award in general. I knew it would change my life so I knew I needed to achieve this high rank. I learned how to be a better leader than I ever was before. I wanted to complete the project at the location I did because my brother did his project nearby, and I wanted to be able to see them at the same time.”

Logan Winslow, junior,was the first of the three to achieve the award. “I decided to build a 37 foot floating bridge. It is located on the back end of Sweet Arrow Lake and is on a hiking/walking trail that is swampy and sometimes floods. When walkers/hikers would try to use this trail they could not continue at this part of the trail because of these conditions. The bridge is on floaters and is anchored to pipes that will move and float when needed. I am an avid outdoorsman  and go fishing in this area and saw there was a need for   people to continue on this trail and enjoy themselves.”

Brandon Beese, senior, also is working on his project and is awaiting his award. Beese held a Blood Drive at the Pine Grove Masonic Lodge. “I want to be a nurse so learning how to start an IV was very useful,” says Beese. “I’ve been scouting for ten years and it really helped me improve my social skills, among other things.”