The Writer’s Dilemma


Kolby Geesey

Senior Erik Dubbs typing an essay for a class.

Erik Dubbs, News Editor

Have any of you ever felt like writing essays was your passion? Do you want to live your life by MLA guidelines? Is Microsoft Word calling for you to type out your grocery list in Times New Roman font size 12? 

Well I’ll answer this question for you … Yes! Essays are where it’s at. Who could resist staying up until 3 AM typing out 5 pages just so you can get that coveted 63%? I can’t describe the satisfaction that I feel when I find that perfect quote from a piece of text that barely explains what I’m trying to say. If I’d have to describe myself in 2 words I’d say “sleep deprivation.” Honestly though! Sleeping is extremely overrated. I fervently refuse to participate in something that’ll interrupt my essay time. 

One of my favorite qualities of an essay is how it gets in the way of other commitments that I have. Having any kind of life outside of school is unimaginable and extremely distasteful. I eat, sleep, and breathe school. I may not be the most successful, but I love it all the same. Having to go hangout with my friends outside of school greatly annoys me because I have another more exciting obligation. However, I guess I do have to maintain some kind of social life. Once again, another responsibility. I just love responsibilities. 

When a teacher assigns an essay in class and my fellow peers start to complain, I honestly get really offended! I don’t want anybody to fail, but if they aren’t taking school as seriously as I am, then that’s on them. Regarding their feelings towards essays, mine is the complete opposite. When I’m assigned an essay, it’s so hard for me to control myself to not jump up and down in my seat out of excitement. I don’t do that because it’s not “cool”. I wish they knew that school was cool. Oh well. When the essay is lengthy though, I can’t not blurt out a loud “YAY!” Everybody judges me, but that’s okay. I’ll judge their low grades.

So I’ll just leave you on this note: essays are cool. They’re rad, they’re groovy, and you need to embrace the genuine enjoyment that naturally comes along with an essay. There are so many positives to typing out an essay. We have self-defeat, sleep deprivation, a suffering social life, and judgement from others! How lovely! But those positives outweigh the negatives. I’d rather fight as hard as I can to get that lovely C- instead of having to pretend to enjoy myself when I talk to other people. To be honest, I sometimes think that I’m better than them in regards to my devotion and commitment to school. My advice to you is that you need to make school your #1 obligation. Everything else doesn’t really matter.